Pixel Drawing of Dan and Angela

Of all the things I've lost, I miss the dash the least.
–Angela C. Buraglia

We'll make your sites "more better".
–Dan Short

When clients don't provide text, we'll just make stuff up. It might be funny, it might have typos, and it definitely won't make much sense. But hey, at least its done!
–Angela C. Buraglia

I'm runnin' low on quippy quotes today...
–Dan Short

About Site Drive Inc.

Site-Drive Inc. was (no, we don't mean "is"; keep reading and it will soon make sense) an independent web design and development company which was originally headquartered in Brea, California. In July of 2005, Site-Drive Inc. acquired the formerly Portland, Oregon based Web Shorts Site Design. In July of 2006, Site-Drive Inc. packed up and headed to Texas. Somewhere between California and just outside Austin, Texas the dash in Site-Drive Inc. must have fell off the moving truck. Today, we're Site Drive Inc. and we specialize in application development.

Site Drive's executive officers are well-known authors of several Dreamweaver books. We offer individual attention to our clients, and our designers/developers have ultimate decision power. That means you'll get an answer without waiting for approvals from committees and higher authorities. Your designer/developer will be able to answer any questions, and make any needed changes to your site as quickly as possible.

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