Pixel Drawing of Angela

What weren't you thinking?
–Angela C. Buraglia

When clients don't provide text, we'll just make stuff up. It might be funny, it might have typos, and it definitely won't make much sense. But hey, at least its done!
–Angela C. Buraglia

Of all the things I've lost, I miss the dash the least.
–Angela C. Buraglia

Angela C. Buraglia, President & CEO

Angela C. Buraglia Back in early 2000, Angela C. Buraglia was a makeup artist for independent film, but she needed a career that would allow her to work from home and raise her son. Although she intended only to be a web developer, life's path has led her to become that and more. Angela is perhaps best known as the founder of DreamweaverFAQ.com, a site dedicated to serving the Dreamweaver community.

She spent a portion of her career writing books and speaking at conferences. Angela was the co-author of Dreamweaver MX 2004 Killer Tips, co-author of Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic, a contributing author to several other books including The ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit (Macromedia Press). She has given presentations at MAX, TODCon, and Web Design World.

In addition to building website, Angela enjoys writing Dreamweaver extensions, which encompasses the extensions included with Cartweaver. Long gone are the days of applying makeup; now Angela applies behaviors and CSS to web sites – and most importantly – is home with her son.

In Angela's own words...

Over the years I've enjoyed supporting users of Dreamweaver by being heavily involved in the community, authoring Dreamweaver related books, and building extensions for Dreamweaver.

I have a passion for solving problems and improving work flows in addition to my (sometimes uncontrollable) strong desire to optimize code and organize it. I'm always interested in finding optimal solutions for the problems that designers and developers are faced with in both internal and customer-facing websites. I pride myself in my ability to help people find ways to make web applications work for them through simplification of their work flow and/or automation.


  • Problem solving, finding creative solutions, brainstorming, work flow improvement
  • XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion
  • Code optimization, organization, architecture
  • eCommerce, usability, pragmatic standards compliance
  • Dreamweaver, CF Builder, CFEclipse, Fireworks, Excel, Word
  • Dreamweaver Extensions (plug-ins)
  • Windows and Macintosh (OS agnostic)

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